Thursday, October 23, 2008

SEO and Domain Names: Rule of Thumb

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The rule of domain names for effective SEO.

A domain name is your unique address on the Internet Market. It should be one of the most important aspects when beginning to create a website. When registering or buying a domain one wants as much traffic as possible so that they can get the best revenue. This is the first important step in beginning your online business.

The importance of keywords

Find out what search engines are likely to find the Web pages and which keywords are likely to help the site rank well.

Picking the right keywords are very important in gaining visibility for the Web site.
If a Search engine can't relate a Web site to the words of the user then this is a problem.

Its imperative to find out what users are actually searching for. Also make sure to choose keywords based on how web customers or users think about the product or the service.

Keywords in Domain names

Most search engines look at domain names when ranking pages. Selecting the right keywords are very important for achieving high SERPs. The correct domain name reflects the companies' name and includes the primary keyword of the web site content.

Simple, easily-recognized domains convey professionalism and trust to search engine users.
This will effect web site SE optimization and will increase the chances in competing with other websites. The more specific the URL, the more easily it will get noticed in the online community.

Suppose that we go to a search engine to search for a registrar to register our new site.

We type the words buy domain

The search engine will then look in its index for those words.
This way its easy for search engines to find our site first among hundreds of sites like ours.

The above screenshot shows that even though GoDaddy is a more popular registrar, the domain name appears on the first page and ranks higher in "buy domain" keywords.

Having keywords in the domain name increases the chance of getting high ranking in SERPs.

After registering your domain successfully it is now time to monitor Domain Name System for availability and performance.

One of our earlier posts reflect the benefits and features of DNS (Domain Name System) monitoring.

Author: Kristina Franglulyan

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Gayane Dallakyan said...

Thanks for the comment Genxgsm.

If we speak of well known brands, they even have no keywords in their domain name. Say, Amazon, or Google.

But we talk about new domains. Those with keywords easier and quicker to get noticed and keyword in domain name is one of the SEO tactics for newly created web sites.

Anonymous said...

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anu said...

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